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Woodenhead is a New Orleans progressive jazz/rock/fusion instrumental band led by guitarist Jimmy Robinson. This talented group stands out with its excellent musicianship and composition of complex arrangements. They play Dixie Dregs style southern music with a distinctive jazz twinge that is totally unique. They have even opened for the Dregs, along with many other bands. Jimmy is an awesome guitar player who dishes out powerful chords, funky rhythms, and bluesy solos.

Formed in 1974, Woodenhead still regularly rocks the New Orleans club scene  including the legendary New Orleans Jazz Festival. If your a fan of southern shredding, look for this group next time you are in New Orleans, they are defiantly worth a listen. Their music is very hard to find, but well worth the search. Jimmy also plays with some other bands most notably Twangorama, which is described as a "guitar collective". If you're in the New Orleans area be sure to catch one of Jimmy's other bands as well.

Jimmy Robinson

I found out about Woodenhead in a very unique way.
In 1987 I took a trip to Maine with a friend who had a sister there.
We had been to a Halloween party,  drinking beer, and having a great time.

It was about 4 in the morning when we decided we better find our way to his sisters house. Driving on small country roads, we really weren't really sure of where we were going. Eventually after about an hour of being lost, the beer had taken it's toll on us, and we had to pull over. I remember it being pitch black as I stood near the rear of the car. In my moment of relief I could make out a white shell of a cassette tape on the pavement. I normally would have ignored it, but for some reason I picked it up and it said "Woodenhead Live" on it. Thinking it was some kind of crappy band demo I almost chucked it into the nearby field.
I thought the name was kind of cool, so I kept it.

I put the tape into the car cassette player and I couldn't believe how great the music was.
It was a perfect blend of Southern instrumental rock. The music really blew me away.
The next morning, in the light of day I figured I better listen to it again as I was sure the beer accounted for me liking it. To my surprise the music was even better than I had originally thought.
All I knew of this band was this great music on the tape. There was no other information on the tape itself, and it's source was a mystery to me.
For almost 15 years my friends and I enjoyed this tape as I made copies for friends who also got into it. Unfortunately nobody had ever heard of this band.

In the late 90's I got my first computer, and I searched out the name Woodenhead thinking maybe someone had heard of this band. Initially I had no luck in finding any information.

Then, by chance, I stumbled upon a web page that had a review of Woodenhead. By this time I was crazed to find out more about this band, since I now knew that someone else knew of their existence.

I wrote to the email on the page and got no answer. Then I called the newspaper in New Orleans the article had appeared them. I got a hold of the writer of the article and asked him if he knew more about the band.  He then proceeded to give me Jimmy Robinson's, phone number and suggested I call him.

I felt strange about making the call. My curiosity finally got the best of me, so I dialed the phone.
This guy answers, and I said could I please talk to Jimmy Robinson. 
He said he was Jimmy.
I asked him about Woodenhead, and he told me it was indeed his band.

Then I proceeded to tell him the story about how I had found the "Woodenhead Live" tape so many years ago. He got quite a kick out of the story. He couldn't  believe that I had turned on so many people to his band which we knew nothing about.

Jimmy was very nice to me, especially considering the awkward, out of the blue, way I called. I sent him a CD I had made of the live tape, and he sent me a few Woodenhead CD's.
All I can say is that I'm glad I didn't fling that tape into the abyss of the dark Maine night!

Woodenhead are an amazing band, if you would like to hear them you can contact me or you can now Email Jimmy directly at JBGGR@aol.com, and you can ask him about how to obtain a disc. Please take time and sign the guestbook, and let the band know how you feel about them. 

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Woodenhead Albums 

  • WoodenHead
  • WoodenHead Live
  • Heartprints
  • The Big Picture
  • Music From The Big Green Warehouse
  • Perseverance 
  • I have a great live Woodenhead Cd made from a tape,
    if anyone has any live tapes or CD's to trade please contact me.

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