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 Who's that murderous Socialist on your chest Carlos?

For his recent uneducated comments bashing President Bush I have removed my comments of praise for Carlos Santana.

"The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart.
The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace." Carlos Santana

That's a great quote from Carlos Santana and I respect him for it.

But I DON'T respect his George Bush bashing:

"Carlos said, "I have wisdom. I feel love. I live in the present and I try to present a dimension that brings harmony and healing. 
"My concept is the opposite of George W. Bush.

"There is more value in placing a flower in a rifle barrel than making war.

HOW DARE YOU infer that our President doesn't want peace. You're just too dense to understand that we MUST fight for it because we have enemies looking to destroy us.
Our President is a good Christian man who understands that evil MUST be confronted. The Bible says that we MUST protect the innocent.

You know Carlos, flowers didn't stop HITLER!

Don't give me your leftist hypocritical bullshit while you praise the COMMUNIST, MARXIST, MURDEROUS, REVOLUTIONARY Che Guevara.

Che Guevara founded the labor camp system, in which countless Cubans — judged "deviant" by the regime — would suffer and die. Many Christians has been judged as being "deviant" in Cuba.

The Cuban gulag; THAT is Che Guevara's legacy.

Guevara was a buddy of COMMUNIST Fidel Castro and helped him violently overthrow Cuba's government. Cuba has been under the murderous thumb of  Castro for the last 47 years. Castro has RUINED Cuba's economy, starved & tortured his people, and murdered thousands under his dictatorous rule.

Nearly four decades after his death, it's impossible to avoid the image of Ernesto “Che” Guevara everywhere from T-shirts to cartoons. Liberal idiots consider Guevara a revolutionary martyr who gave his life to help the poor of Latin America. 

Che Guevara was a violent COMMUNIST who thought nothing of firing a gun into the stomach of a woman six months pregnant whose only crime was that her family opposed him. And he was a hypocrite who lusted after material luxuries while cultivating his image as a man of the people. 

The TRUTH is he is known as the father of modern terrorism and was Fidel Castro's lead assassin. 
He is credited with assassinating over 10,000 innocent people. Che Guevara openly talked about his desire to use nuclear weapons against New York City.

Just for the record Carlos, it was Che Guevara who had your music BANNED in Cuba!
Carlos seems to have overlooked that fact.

Che Guevara
was a mass murderer!

When asked about Guevara, Carlos Santana said, "Che may be dead for you, but he lives in our hearts ... Che is all about love and compassion." When asked about Che's murderous activities Santana said what one would expect, "You're getting hung up on facts, man." Incredible!

You can learn more about the REAL
Che Guevara HERE:

Exposing the Real Che Guevara:
And the Useful Idiots
Who Idolize Him.

It's amazing to me that you, Carlos Santana, praise a murderous COMMUNIST out of sheer stupidity, yet YOU are a true CAPITALIST by making all that money selling your music here. Have you seen the prices for the Santana merchandise he hawks on his site?!!!

Then he has special anti copyguard software put on his CD's so that people can't copy them.

You're just doing what most leftists do which is having one set of rules for you, and another for everyone else.

Carlos, now that you have made a many, many, million dollars off of the USA I suggest you move back to MEXICO!

You're an immigrant and you need to go HOME to Mexico like all the other illegal immigrants!

Carlos Santana is just another brain dead leftist who can't understand the basics that a flower in a rifle barrel is not capable of removing a murderous dictator, who gassed his own people to death like Saddam Hussien.

Sometimes, THIS TIME, a war, bombs, guns and violence IS very necessary to PROTECT INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN that Saddam Hussien terrorized and murdered for years. 

Leftists like Carlos Santana, Bruce Springsteen, and John Mellencamp and a whole host of other musicians and Hollywood elite's can't seem to grasp that 50 MILLION people are now free in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Leftists just don't get it, but THANK GOD we do have a great President who understands the threat that ISLAMIC FASCISM presents to the world that cannot be appeased by "peace and flowers" but that MUST be KILLED!

They don't care that Iran's president plans on getting a nuclear weapon and has stated he will use it first on Israel and then on us.

These leftist musicians think they are being compassionate but just the OPPOSITE is true.

I urge you to read my web page that also answers Bruce Springsteen's similar ignorance about this subject.

What the heck happened to 
Bruce Springsteen?

Bruce, We don't need to read a ranting, psychotic,  factually inaccurate, Al Gore speech when we look for your music!   What happened to you?

CLICK HERE to read my op ed on why I think my former hero, Bruce Springsteen, has lost his mind!

Carlos has said "I want to transform this planet and get closer to, in 25 years, creating heaven on earth, free from flags, free from the corruption of politics and religion."


The United States IS the moral compass in the world who has freed more people and fed more people than ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD COMBINED!

We don't need your SOCIALIST, COMMUNIST view here in America.

Carlos: "I've been to Jerusalem, to the Holy Sepulcher, I've been to the Vatican, its about as sacred and holy as the back seat of a New York cab."

Maybe to YOU who has no faith but to many of us the symbols of Christianity hold a lot of meaning.

Carlos: "The only way that you can have peace is knowing that you can be kind and gentle and understanding, daily, to yourself and to other people."


The ONLY way peace happens in this world is by the SUPERIOR FIREPOWER of the good, The United States, over evil such as Saddam Hussien, Adolph Hitler, & Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Evildoers NEVER respect "peace talks", they ONLY respect and fear firepower.

Wake up and smell the reality and stop smoking so much dope!

Carlos, you're a GREAT musician and I will continue to listen to you music and imagine that someone intelligent wrote it. It's too bad that now you support the dark side. Please JUST SHUT UP AND PLAY YOUR GUITAR!

I'll never give you another penny of my money again.

By the way if you don't care for my VERY educated opinion all I can say is too freakin' bad, and that you need to stop drinking the left wing Kool-Aid and get EDUCATED!

HERE'S a good place to start!

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