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Rachel Sweet was just fifteen when she had her first hit album, "Fool Around" in 1978.

But by then she had already been in show business for ten years already! She hails from Akron, Ohio, the home of Devo.

Starting out at the age of three she began winning local singing contests. She went from singing commercial jingles in New York, to opening for Mickey Rooney. Then off to Las Vegas to open for Bill Cosby at the age of twelve, backed by a full orchestra. 


She cut a few country singles in Nashville at age fourteen. The following year she was "discovered" by producer Liam Sternberg, who got her a deal do do her first album "Fool Around". The label Stiff Records was known for its early punk core music of Elvis Costello, Graham Parker, and Ian Dury and The Blockheads. 

Producer Sternberg assigned The Blockheads to be Rachel's band. Sounding youthful but savvy beyond her years the album "Fool Around" propelled her into a cult status that remains strong today. Belting out the songs "B-A-B-Y","Who Does Lisa Like",  she blows you away with the moxie of a true professional, with just enough girlish charm to stay as sweet as her name. Crooning "Wildwood Saloon","I Go To Pieces", or Elvis Costello's "Stranger in the House" she can tug on your heart.

Her blend of rock and roll musical influences from punk to country is really quite unique. Sometimes this has left it hard to pin her to one category of music. 
Her second album "Protect the Innocent" released in 1980 was just as strong. She toured all over the country, and loved coming to New York City.
I saw her perform at The Bottom Line thereon her 17th birthday. With her first rate band, and years of experience at the age of 17 she was truly mesmerizing on stage. Belting out all her best for the live radio broadcast she showed no signs of timidity. She brought down the house. Everyone was a fan by the end of the night. I also have a live recording of that night on CD if anyone is interested in trading for it.
She made two more albums "...And Then he Kissed Me", and "Blame It On Love." She toured extensively before returning to New York to get a degree from Columbia University.

She is now an actress and screenwriter having appeared in several movies. She has sung the soundtrack for such movies such as "Hairspray" and "Sing." She has also appeared in many sitcoms on television like "Seinfeld" and "The Single Guy." 

Where she shows up next is anyone's guess. Whether acting in a movie or singing her heart out, her talent will always be noticed. One day she'll lose her cult status, and everyone will know her name. 


Rachel Sweet CD's
  • Fool Around -The Best of Rachel Sweet 1978 CD
  • Protect The Innocent 1980 CD
  • Blame It On Love 1982 - CD
  • ... And Then He Kissed Me 1981 - CD
  • Rachel Sweet - Live at the Bottom Line NYC July 1979 CD
  • Rachel Sweet - Live at the Bottom Line NYC May 1980 CD
  • Rachel Sweet - Live at the Agora, Cleveland 1979 CD
  • Rachel Sweet - Live at the Agora, Cleveland 1980 CD
  • Rachel Sweet - Live at Park West, Chicago 1980 CD
  • Rachel Sweet - Live at the Paradise Theater Boston 1979/ Live on the BBC 1978
  • Rachel Sweet DVD

    I also have a 30 minute DVD video compilation of Rachel Sweet on the 
    Merv Griffin Show along with a few other of he videos including her duet with Rex Smith of  "Everlasting Love".
    It is now available for trade as a DVD. 

    Rachel Sweet
    Merv Griffin Show
    plus other various 
    To see the Real Player clips
    Click Here to see the Merv clip.

    Click Here to see the included
    Everlasting Love clip.

    Click Here to see the entire
    Everlasting Love clip on You Tube.

    Here are a few screen shots from the DVD.

    Songlist from the DVD

  • I've Got A Reason - The Merv Griffin Show
  • Tonight Ricky - The Merv Griffin Show
  • I've Got A Reason - Solid Gold
  • Be My Baby - video
  • Hairspray - video
  • Hairspray - Club MTV
  • Everlasting Love - Solid Gold
  • Everlasting Love - vvideo with Rex Smith
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