Oppose the International Freedom Center at Ground Zero of The World Trade Center, Take Back the Memorial at Ground Zero!
Oppose the International Freedom Center at
Ground Zero
 of The World Trade Center

We have won!
The Freedom Center has be scrapped, for now.
Click Here to read the story.

Even though the Freedom Center has been scrapped, for now,
I am leaving this page up 
so that people know the facts behind it.

"The International Freedom Center?"
There is a new controversy brewing concerning the memorial center to be built on Ground Zero on the site of the World Trade Center.  They want to call this the "International Freedom Center".
The truth needs to be told about this plan.

It is being influenced by far left political people & groups like George Soros and the ACLU.
They want the center to be a "multi cultural freedom center" that will not only contain information about the World Trade Center, but many other "atrocities" they deem fit.

The TRUTH about this center is that far left political sympathizers want to hijack the site to include their "BLAME AMERICA" agenda on the site of the World Trade Center.

They feel the need to inform the world that America is just as bad as the terrorists because of our own past terrorist activities including the slaughter of the American Indian.
Many of these left wing extremists have said that AMERICA deserved to be attacked on 9/11 because of our foreign policy.
They claim that we are "as bad as Nazi's."
Some of these same people have even claimed that President George Bush knew about and planned the attacks on 9/11 and that he 
"targets civilians for assassination".

Though the supporters of the IFC now publicly deny that they will include an anti America agenda, many of the biggest contributors from their list of supporters come from the very far left wing of 
Hate America politics.

Debra  Burlingame is a member of the board of directors of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation and the sister of Charles F. "Chic" Burlingame III, pilot of American Airlines fight 77, which was crashed at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

Ms. Burlingame writes: "The organizers of its principal tenant, the International Freedom Center (IFC), have stated that they intend to take us on "a journey through the history of freedom"- but do not be fooled into thinking that their idea of freedom is the same as that of those Marines. To the IFC's organizers, it is not only history's triumphs that illuminate, but also its failures."

"The public will have come to see (a tribute to) 9/11 but will be given a high-tech, multimedia tutorial about man's inhumanity to man, from Native American genocide to the lynchings and cross-burnings of the Jim Crow South, from the Third Reich's Final Solution to the Soviet gulags and beyond."

"This is a history all should know and learn, but dispensing it over the ashes of Ground Zero is like creating a Museum of Tolerance over the sunken graves of the USS Arizona. The public will be confused at first, and then feel hoodwinked and betrayed. Where, they will ask, do we go to see the September 11 Memorial?"

"While the IFC is getting 300,000 square feet of space to teach us how to think about liberty, the actual 9/11 Memorial Center on the opposite corner of the site will get a meager 50,000 square feet to exhibit its 9/11 artifacts, all out of sight and underground."

"Most of the cherished objects which were salvaged from Ground Zero in those first traumatic months will never return to the site.   There is simply no room."

"But the International Freedom Center will have ample space to present us with exhibits about Chinese dissidents and Chilean refugees."

Her article entitled "The Great Ground Zero Heist"
can be read by CLICKING HERE.

In her article she lists some of the supporters for the
"The International Freedom Center"

Michael Posner, executive director at Human Rights First (Blame America First) who is leading the worldwide "Stop Torture Now" campaign focused ENTIRELY on the U.S. military. They also support ACLU lawsuits against U.S. Defense Secretary 
Donald Rumsfeld for a "policy, pattern, and practice of ongoing torture".
Human Rights First is a tax exempt organization.

Tom Bernstein, activist lawyer, and member of Human Rights First 
(Blame America First) and the American Civil Liberties Union.
He filed the lawsuit on behalf of the ACLU against U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for his alleged policy of torture  of battlefield detainees. 

Anthony Romero is the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who is pushing International Freedom Center organizers for exhibits that showcase how civil liberties in this country have been curtailed since September 11.
He asserts that the United States must follow the Geneva Convention in handling terror detainees even though the terrorists clearly violate the Geneva Convention by MURDERING INNOCENT CIVILIANS.

The ACLU rejected $1.5 million donations from both the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations because it disagreed with a clause in the donation agreement stipulating that "none of the money would go to underwriting terrorism or other unacceptable activities". 

The ACLU also withdrew from a federal charity drive, losing an estimated $500,000, taking a stand against the attached condition that it would "not knowingly hire anyone on terrorism watch lists."

The TAX EXEMPT ACLU has fought cases to allow Nazi parades and demonstrations, and support the right of free speech by the Ku Klux Klan.

They also list as a client, NAMBLA, better known as the Man Boy Love Association which encourages the child sexual abuse practice of PEDOPHELIA.
Meanwhile the ACLU forced the Boy Scouts out of San Diego's Balboa Park.  The ACLU feels that the NAMBLA child molesters should have a voice but the Boy Scouts, who pay for the use of the park, should be kept out.  "Child friendly" has a completly different meaning at the ACLU.

ACLU defends child-molester group.

ACLU Defends NAMBLA in a lawsuit brought by the family of a slain 10-year-old molested boy.

The ACLU defends NAMBLA.

The ACLU kicks the Boy Scouts out of a city park.

Isn't it interesting that some of the same groups that call President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld NAZI's, actually defend REAL LIFE NAZI's in court!

From the ACLU web site: "The ACLU's very first annual report describes a case in which the ACLU defended free speech for the KKK. We have been defending free speech for these groups – and all others – ever since."   Click Here to read this.

Eric Foner,  a radical-leftist history professor at Columbia University who, even as the bodies were being pulled out of a smoldering Ground Zero, wrote, "I'm not sure which is more frightening: the horror that engulfed New York City or the apocalyptic rhetoric emanating daily from the White House."
This is the same man who participated in a "teach-in" at Columbia
to protest the Iraq war, during which a colleague exhorted students with, "The only true heroes are those who find ways to defeat the U.S. military," and called for "a million Mogadishus." 

He says "If September 11 makes us think historically -- not mythically -- about our nation and its role in the world, then perhaps SOME GOOD will have come out of that tragic event."

American troops slaughtered at Mogadishu
attempting to feed starving people.

George Soros, the billionaire founder of Open Society Institute, the nonprofit (non taxable) foundation that helps fund Human Rights First
(Blame America First) is an early contributor to the IFC.

Mr. Soros has accepted $30 million US taxpayer dollars from 1998-2003.

Mr. Soros has stated that the pictures of Abu Ghraib "hit us the same way as the terrorist attack itself."  Many of his colleagues at the MoveOn political action committee, that he also funds, have claimed that President George Bush knew about, and even planned the attacks of 9/11. 

MoveOn, who's donations are tax exempt, consistently misrepresents and bashes anyone in public office or the media that does not support its FAR LEFT agenda that BLAMES AMERICA FIRST for many of the worlds problems.

George Soros
picks on U.S. Soldiers.

George Soros
Thinks he knows
what's best for the U.S.

Who are some of the people who George Soros supports?

George Soros donated $20,000 to terrorist attorney Lynne Stewart's defense fund.    Ms. Stewart has been convicted of providing material support to "Islamic Group", an Egypt-based terrorist organization with close links to Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda network.  She faces the sentencing of 30 years in federal prison and has lost her right to practice law.

Ms. Stewart, who proclaims herself to be a "Radical Activist Attorney" was the defense lawyer of Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman, convicted mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing on February 26, 1993.

Her defense of Rachman was that his "fatwah" to blow up the World Trade Center was merely part of the Sheih's religious duties as a Muslim cleric.
She referred to Sheik Rahman as "a fighter for national liberation on behalf of a people oppressed by the dictatorship of American imperialism."

George Soros funds
terrorist lawyer
Lynne Stewart

George Soros also founded the tax exempt Open Society Institute which funds the tax exempt Gustavus Myers Center which honored the STATE PAID University of Colorodo Professor Ward Churchill after he wrote that 9/11 victims were "little Eichmanns" comparing them ALL to NAZI'S for being part of the American capitalist system.
Churchill says: 9/11 victims = Nazi's
Ward Churchill
Adolph Eichmann
Click Here to read about the George Soros / Ward Churchill connection.

Ward Churchill also wrote an essay in 2002 referring to the “gallant sacrifices” of the “combat teams” that killed almost 3,000 Americans on 9/11. 

One of the things I’ve suggested is that it may be that more 9/11s are necessary." Lamenting that the terrorism of 9/11 had proved “insufficient to accomplish its purpose” of destroying the United States, Churchill shrugged, “What the hell? It was worth a try.” 

"I want the state gone . . . the U.S. out of North America. 
U.S. off the planet . . . out of existence altogether."

"Conscientious objection removes a given piece of the cannon fodder from the fray, Fragging (killing) an officer has a much more impactful effect." 

When one of the forum's attendees said that the impact such a fragging might have on the officer's family should be considered, Churchill replied, "How do you feel about Adolf Eichmann's family?" 

Is Ward Churchill
joining a combat team?

Who Really Is George Soros?
George Soros was born in Budapest and is the only holocaust survivor who has ever been accused of collaboration with the Nazis

He made the bulk of his multi billion dollar fortune betting against world economies making millions of people poorer in the process. 
He an investor who bets DOWN hoping that world curriencies will falter.
Then he moves cash to make it happen, while making a fortune doing so.
It's the most immoral way to make money there is.

He is said to have crashed entire countries economies by moving billions of dollars in less than a week.  He has been called  the archetypal amoral capitalist who made billions out of the Asian financial crash of 1997.  In 1992 he "shorted" the British Pound by converting the  Pounds to German Marks and made 
1 BILLION tax free dollars in just a few days.  His financial manipulations have even been claimed to cause the tech stock crashes of the late 90's. 

Soros' privately owned offshore investment fund, Quantum Fund, has been accused of laundering money from the illegal profits of the Latin American drug trade by the International Task Force on Money Laundering

His offshore funds are located in Caribbean tax havens, beyond the control or reach of the U.S. government.

By operating offshore, Soros not only avoids paying taxes but also hides the identity and nature of his investors and what he does with their money. 

He's the ultimate capitalist who hates capitalism and calls those who engage in it evil.  He's never produced any product, nor contributed anything material to society. He's gotten rich by raping millions of ordinary people by playing with their financial futures.  He's for high taxes for the rest of us to redistribute the worlds wealth but avoids paying taxes himself
He's the ultimate Hypocrite on the ultimate power trip.  He plays by his own rules, who considers none of his financial dealings immoral, even though he was found guilty of insider trading by a court in France.

He uses his money as a political tool to promote his own personal agenda.

He is very active in Europe's formerly Communist countries, not to promote freedom, but to gain financial control of these countries.
A total of 29 "Soros Foundations" were active in every post communist country. In 1998, his foundations spent a total of $574 million in these countries.
These are enormous sums of money to spend in an impoverished and vulnerable Eastern Europe. Soros knows that armed with a few billion dollars, and handful of non governmental agencies, it is perfectly possible to topple foreign governments that are bad for multinational business, seize the country's assets, and even get thanked for your benevolence afterwards.
George Soros has done it may times.

He reportedly spent over $20 million dollars attempting to defeat George Bush during the 2004 presidential election with "soft " donations.
He has called President Bush the most evil man in our countries history.
and a matter of which he called "life and death".

George Soros is the financial power behind the Open Society Institute, the U.S. Institute of Peace, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, International Crisis Group ,and the National Endowment for Democracy, which honors anti-American Afghan activists.
ALL of these tax exempt organizations bash the United States on a daily basis.

He funds Amnesty International who absurdly compared the U.S. holding of 600 terrorists at Guantanamo Bay to be as bad as the Russian Gulags, 
Nazi Germany, and Cambodia's Pol Pot who collectively tortured and murdered over 60 MILLION PEOPLE!

George Soros wants a completely different country than what most Americans want.  He, like Ward Churchill, would like to see the United States dissolved as we know it.  He wants a global society, one with no borders.

He remains committed to destroying the remaining bastions of the family unit.
He is an atheist for the legalization of all drugs, prostitution, gay marriage, increased government spending and tax increases, euthanasia for the sick, the removal of all borders, immigrant entitlements, and state paid abortion on demand for any woman regardless of her age

He is a vehement anti Christian and opposes any symbols of it in society. 
He refuses to have any Christians on his payroll.

Because of his wealth, power, and radical leftist political views it has been said that George Soros may be the single most dangerous man in the world.
It is interesting that one of the worlds richest capitalists now wants Socialism to rule the world. 

He feels capitalism is OK for him but bad for the rest of us, because we're not smart enough to guide our own futures.

Soros is the only citizen of the United States who has his own foreign policy AND the financial power to impose it. 

His use of YOUR tax dollars, and tax exempt status, used to try and destroy America is not only shameful, but treasonous.

Is this the kind of man we want to influence the
Memorial at Ground Zero?

Click Here to read more about George Soros.

Soros Fund Management

Soros Buys A Donkey

George Soros picks 
on America.



Soros  was pelted 
with mayonaise
during one of his
Anti-American tirades.

International Freedom?
Self proclaimed American "Freedom Fighters" and
anti American Islamics share the same hobby.
 Are these the types of displays we should expect to see at the
International Freedom Center?

The memorial at the World Trade Center should honor
the people who lost their lives there.

It should NOT be a political sounding board
for far left extremestists!

The so called lessons of September 11 should not be force fed by ideologues hoping to use the memorial site as nothing more than a powerful visual aid to promote their far left political agenda.

Such blatant disrespect for the victims is outrageous, and infuriates the very people who are paying for it: 


Instead of exhibits and symposiums about Internationalism and Global Policy we should hear the story of the courageous young firefighter whose body, cut in half, was found with his legs entwined around the body of a woman. Recovery personnel concluded that because of their positions, the young firefighter was carrying her.

The World Trade Center Memorial should honor,
not disrespect the victims of 9/11.


While we strongly support the right of free speech,
politics should be KEPT OUT of the World Trade Center Memorial.

The "Blame America" agenda honors no one.
No politics at Ground Zero. Period!

Ground Zero has been stolen, right from under our noses.
How do we get it back?

You can read more about this here:
9/11 Families for a Strong & Safe America

The "INTERNATIONAL FREEDOM CENTER" that does not properly honor the innocent victims of the 9/11 attacks.

Please sign the petition to take back the 9/11 memorial
from radical extremists who want to 
BLAME AMERICA for the attacks of 9/11.


Take Back the Memorial at Ground Zero!

For more information please visit:
9/11 Families for a Strong & Safe America

The rebuilding of the World Trade Center!
Click Here to sign the petition
to rebuild the Twin Towers.

Click Here to sign yet 
another petition
to rebuild the Twin Towers.

The New Plan:
The Twin Towers II

Team Twin Towers

9/11 Families for a
Strong & Safe America

Project Rebirth
Chronicling the Rebirth of Ground Zero


Twin Towers 2

Rebuild The Twin Towers!

Let your hearts not be troubled, our voiced are being heard!


Rebuild the Twin Towers of The World Trade Center!, Rebuild the World Trade Center!

Rebuild the Twin Towers of
The World Trade Center!

It is now June 2005 and New York Governor George Pataki has now submitted yet another Freedom Tower design to be built on the site of on the site of Ground Zero at World Trade Center.

The last design was scrapped because it had been deemed unsafe by the New York City Police Department. 

While this design is better than the last design it is still not what people want.

Most Americans want the Twin Towers rebuilt.

We want to show the terrorists that they cannot alter our skyline.

The new proposed Freedom Tower.

We CAN make the rebuilding of the Twin Towers a REALITY!

The last Freedom Tower design was a mess.  The top third of it was hollow.

While the new design looks better the basic design of the surrounding project,  the surrounding slant roof buildings, still look odd and out of place in New York City. 

As it is viewed from Brooklyn these odd looking buildings will partially block the view of the Freedom Tower.

Why change the basic design of the magnificent Twin Towers when they can be rebuilt better than they were?

The old proposed Freedom Tower.

The new Freedom Tower design is still UNACCEPTABLE!

The new Freedom Tower design is still UNACCEPTABLE!

Ken Gardner's design which many of us have wanted since that terrible morning of 9/11 is to rebuild the Twin Towers one story higher than they were.


Rebuild them stronger, better, and one floor higher!

This will RESTORE the New York skyline to it's previous beauty.

It will also show the terrorists that they cannot alter our country for long.

I strongly believe that we MUST rebuild the Twin Towers.

It is the RIGHT thing to do that will  honor the thousands of people killed, and to send a message to the world that we will NOT be defeated.

The Freedom Tower Center design is a mess.

The odd looking trapezoid roof buildings look out of place and will block the view of the tower.

This is not the appropriate structure to fill in the hole in the ground,  the hole in the sky, or the hole in our hearts.


Is this what we want
New York City 
to look like?

The new proposed Freedom Tower will be built on a massive 200 FOOT HIGH concrete base!

What will the public be standing next to? 

A sheer face of a solid brick of concrete?

While it might be "safer", it will look awful.


Who wants to stand next to a big empty chunk of concrete?

It will look like a huge prison wall.

What's the attraction to a blank wall?


When you visited the original 
Twin Towers you stood next to the magnificent facade of windows that lined the sides of the towers.
When you were in the 3 story lobby of the towers you could look out the massive windows and see the whole plaza.
Inside and out, it was truly magnificent .

The original Twin Towers made a very distinctive light pattern.

The sunlight that reflected between the towers continually changed during the day.  From the Manhattan, Brooklyn, or New Jersey, there was an ever changing pattern of reflective light and distinctive shadows.

The Twin Towers were especially beautiful at dawn and in the setting sun.

With a single tower design, those unique light patterns, which gave the twin brothers of the WTC character, will be lost forever.

Look at this picture of the Twin Towers
where the moon can be seen rising in between the two towers. 


This is the type of beautiful image that may never be seen again if the towers are not rebuilt.

The Twin Towers had a distinct symmetrical balance.

The Freedom Tower looks like a cold, imposing monolith.

It's odd side angles don't fit the symmetry of the New York skyline.  Ground Zero should not be a multi angle "art project".

The Twin Towers II design is what people really want built at Ground Zero.

In polls taken in New York City and across the country almost 70% of the people asked said they would rather see the towers rebuilt that the current Freedom Tower design.

AOL Poll, May 20, 2005

The new Twin Towers II would incorporate the footprint of the original towers marked by empty facades where the buildings once stood. 

In the center of them there would be the new
World Trade Center memorial and museum. 

The new twin towers would be moved west to preserve the sacred ground.

This is a BRILLIANT design which honors the past and and gives hope to the future.


New Yorkers will tell you that it is a surreal feeling to look at the city and not see the Twin Towers
Everyone still imagines them there. 

You could see the Twin Towers from all over the New York area.  All you had to do was to look up to the sky and see the Twin Towers to know where you were in the NY/NJ area.

We don't want a replacement structure there.

That will prove that the terrorists won by permanently altering our skyline.  We want the Twin Towers back.

When the new Twin Towers II are built it will help heal the wounds of 9/11.

"Before a commercial tower is erected, a memorial should be chosen. I believe that the memorial should include some of the surviving exterior panels of the collapsed towers."
Ed Koch, former mayor, New York City

"I am convinced that Ground Zero must first and foremost be a memorial.  All other decisions should flow from that goal. A soaring structure should dominate the site. 
There should be a museum and a library.
People should be able to grasp the enormity of this attack by visiting this sacred ground. The memorial should symbolize our survival and our triumph."
Rudy Giuliani, former mayor, New York City

Reasons to Adopt the Plan

  • The WTC site was designed specifically for the Twin Towers. It should remain that way.
  • The skin, core, and flooring could be completed within two years, fully, and truly restoring the skyline. 
  • The Twin Towers were a national monument, just like the White House, the Capitol, the Statue of Liberty and many other unique places in the United States. 
  • In virtually every public opinion poll, either in print or on the Internet, the public has shown support for rebuilding the Twin Towers by a significant majority. 
  • Rebuilding the Twin Towers will heal the psychological wounds of many who were touched by the September 11 attacks. 
  • The Twin Towers will reclaim over 10,000,000 square feet of column free office space. 
  • The Twin Towers will restore revenues from tourism; in fact revenues would increase. 
  • The site plan offers a substantial, powerful, and appropriate memorial covering 6 acres, 17 when the individual floors of the 9/11 Memorial Museum are counted. The proposed memorial complex not only respects the original Tower footprints, but incorporates them into the memorial in substantive ways. 
  • The shopping complex one level below grade, along with street level retail, will create many jobs, stimulate the economy, and result in substantial sales tax revenue.
  • Rebuilding the Twin Towers are what the majority of Americans want.
Rebuild The Twin Towers!
A proper memorial respects the original towers.

Restore the skyline the way it was!

To make this happen Americans must make their voices heard


Click Here to sign the petition
to rebuild the Twin Towers.

Click Here to sign yet another petition
to rebuild the Twin Towers.

I also suggest you contact WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein,
N.Y. Governor Pataki, and New York City Mayor
Michael Bloomberg to make your feelings known.

For more information please visit these web sites:

The New Plan: The Twin Towers II

Team Twin Towers

9/11 Families for a Strong & Safe America

Project Rebirth
Chronicling the Rebirth of Ground Zero



Show your support for the Twin Towers II design by E-mailing the following people and media outlets listed below. 
Polite short letters that include a physical address and verifiable phone number and E-mail address are the most effective.
The most important person to contact is Larry Silverstein, who holds the lease for the World Trade Center. Contacting the Governor and the Mayor will also help.
  • Larry Silverstein, Leaseholder of World Trade Center, CEO, Silverstein Properties, 530 Fifth Avenue 18th Fl., New York, NY 10036; Phone: 212-490-0666.
  • Governor George Pataki, State Capitol Building, Albany, NY 12224. Phone: 518-474-1041.

We can make the 
Twin Towers II

Make your voice heard!

Click Here to sign the petition
to rebuild the Twin Towers.

Click Here to sign another petition
to rebuild the Twin Towers.

See the new Twin Tower II plans here:

Lets turn this scene

Back into this one!

 People  continually ask me:
"What if they knock the buildings down again?"

The answer is very simple;
We will rebuild them again!

Let's NEVER forget
September 11, 2001.
God Bless America
Peace to you all:)


Rebuild the Twin Towers of
The World Trade Center!



We Have Won!    For now.

Museum Dropped From WTC Site for Now

Click Here to read the story

By AMY WESTFELDT, Associated Press Writer 
September 28, 2005

NEW YORK - Bowing to pressure from furious Sept. 11 families, Gov. George Pataki on Wednesday removed a proposed freedom museum from the space reserved for it at ground zero, saying the project had aroused "too much opposition, too much controversy." 

He left open the possibility that a new spot at the former World Trade Center site could be found for the International Freedom Center, but officials for the proposed museum said they considered the project dead.

The decision followed months of acrimony over the International Freedom Center, with Sept. 11 families and politicians saying that the museum would overshadow and take space from a separate memorial devoted to the 2,749 World Trade Center dead and would dishonor them by fostering debate about the attacks and other world events.

"Freedom should unify us. This center has not," Pataki said. "Today there remains too much opposition, too much controversy over the programming of the IFC. ... We must move forward with our first priority, the creation of an inspiring memorial to pay tribute to our lost loved ones and tell their stories to the world."

Pataki said the Freedom Center cannot be part of a cultural building located near the proposed trade center memorial. But he left open the possibility that the center could find a home elsewhere on the 16-acre site.

Pataki said he would direct the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. — the agency he created to rebuild the site — to explore other locations for the center.

Freedom Center officials, however, said in a statement that they do not believe there is a viable alternative location at the trade center site.

"We consider our work, therefore, to have been brought to an end," the museum said. "We are deeply disappointed that the will could not be found to continue the development of the International Freedom Center at this hallowed site."

A campaign by some Sept. 11 families to oust the museum from space reserved for it at ground zero had grown in recent months to include four police and fire unions, an online petition with more than 40,000 signatures, and several politicians including Sen.     Hillary Rodham Clinton and former     Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

"Goodbye and good riddance," said Rep. Vito Fossella one of three congressmen who had threatened hearings on federal funding if the museum stayed where it was. "The IFC will not stand on the hallowed grounds of the World Trade Center site."

In addition to the terrorist attacks, the Freedom Center planned exhibits on such topics as Abraham Lincoln, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the fall of the Berlin Wall, the civil rights movement, the Declaration of Independence and the South African constitution.

The museum would also include a section on the world's response to Sept. 11 and a film that links the victims' backgrounds to periods in history.

Opponents charged the museum could include inappropriate exhibits that would distract attention from the proposed memorial and could foster anti-American debate about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Some families have opposed the museum as much for its location as its content; they say it would sit in a prominent part of ground zero that would obscure the memorial museum.

Although most families who have expressed opinions are against the Freedom Center, a few have supported it, including the proposed museum's vice chairman, Paula Grant Berry, whose husband died at the trade center.

Rebuilders are planning a separate, underground Sept. 11 memorial museum. On the rest of the 16-acre site, they are planning five office towers, a performing arts complex and a transit hub.

We are very pleased to announce that Governor Pataki has announced the removal of the International Freedom Center (IFC) from Ground Zero. See http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/09/28/AR2005092801849.html for details.

Every since June 8, 2005 when Debra Bulingame's op-ed, The Great Ground Zero Heist, appeared in the Wall Street Journal, we have fought together for the preservation of the dignity of Ground Zero. With your help, we have achieved a major victory toward that goal. 

We will continue to monitor the plans for Ground Zero to ensure that a fitting and proper memorial is built; one that is respectful of the victims murdered that day, their families, the first responders, and the American people.

A press release on the removal of the IFC from the 15 family member groups is expected in the next 24 hours and we will post it @ www.takebackthememorial.org as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you again for your support, prayers, and dedication. We simply could not have done this without you.


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