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Many people have been mailing me asking to buy or sell Vintage Infinity Speakers or parts.  I get so many requests for this that I have decided to make this a part of my Infinity Website.  Here you can place for sale or want ad's for Vintage Infinity Speakers, or parts, or for any other speakers, or vintage audio equipment you want to buy or sell. I know may of you are searching for other audio equipment such as that elusive McIntosh Amp or Vintage Polk Speakers so I will not only take ad's for Infinity Speakers, but for anything you want to buy or sell.

This for sale/wanted is brand new web page started November of 2008, so there are few adds on it now but it will grow quickly.

My Vintage Infinity Speaker Page is 10 years old, and it gets a LOT of hits so you ad's will be seen by many people.  It is listed on all the major search engines.
I probably found 75% of the Infinity speakers that I own by people contacting me from this web site.

I'm performing this service to link up people who want to buy or sell and to make a few dollars to keep this page up and running, and for my very valuable time and effort to do so.  I'm getting a little tired of doing this for free so this is the way for you to get good ad's to support this site.  Click Here to learn how to place an ad on this site.

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For Sale Ad's
This is an excellent NAD-T571 5.1 Surround Sound Receiver with an upgraded NAD-HTR1 Remote Control. 
80 watts of high current per channel RMS. Excellent sound!

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Want Ad's


I am looking for a functional ServoStatik I system 
(rosewood preferably but oak will do too), as well as any spare parts available.  I will buy either a complete system or spare parts.
To anwser this ad please email about Ad: 1001.

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I will be making a web page placing customer testimonials comments
for successful sales as they happen.
To answer any of these ad's please email me direct at;

Why Place An ad On My Infinity Speakers Page?

The simple answer is that My Vintage Infinity Web site has been up for over 10 years now and gets seen by a lot of people. I get thousands of emails per year from it.

It is listed all over the major search engines.  I'm also linked from many other sites, including some much larger web sites so you should get good exposure with an ad here. 

You may get an interest in your item very quickly. The longest I have had to wait was 4 months when I put my own requests on the page and sometimes I will get a response within two weeks.

Speaker and equipment values.
Everyday I am asked what a particular speaker is worth. I cannot answer these questions. I don't know the conditions and these speakers are so old they are worth what someone will pay for them.

To some people they are worthless junk, to others of us they are priceless.
But I cannot answer the question of what a particular speaker is worth.
You can ask me, but I will simply tell you that I don't know.

I can make no claims or guarantees to the descriptions of the speakers by the sellers who place ad's on this page.  But in dealing with you all for 10 years I can say that Infinity speaker people are a good breed and honest.  Let's keep it that way.
I want you all to act is a kind and responsible manner when you are using this ad service.  I know that you good people will. 
I promise to always act in a professional honest manner.

Sometimes I may even be selling some items on here and I will tell you if it is my ad. 
I am very honest and describe my items as accurately as I can.

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