Infinity IRS Gamma

High End Drivers

L-EMIM Bass Driver

The IRS Gamma Servo Control Amplifier

The Servo opened up.

Introduced: 1987 (slight changes 1988/89)
Dimensions:  160 x 56 x 36 cm
Wight: 63 kg
Bass: 2 x 30 cm
Mids: 1 x L-EMIM, 1 x EMIM
Highs: 2 x EMIT, 1 x SEMIT
Suggested for amplifiers with: 75-400 Watts per channel
Frequency range IRS Gamma: 15 Hz - 45 kHz
Frequency range IRS Delta: 28 Hz - 45 kHz
Crossover frequencies: 130 Hz, 750 Hz, 4500 Hz, 10 kHz
The IRS Gamma had a special Servo control unit for bass drivers.
The Deltas were the same speaker without the Servo control.

You can download the Infinity IRS Gamma/Delta manual HERE.

The technical sheet/schematics of the crossovers, 
and the Servo unit can be seen HERE.

Servo Woofer Problem

I will be reviewing these speakers soon.
I am having the woofers worked on by Watkins Woofer right now.
I have also sent out the servo unit for service.

I will be powering them with a pair of Adcom GFA-555 Power Amplifiers.

Click Here to read more about the Adcom GFA-555 Amplifier



Infinity IRS Gamma review


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