EMIT Tweeters &
EMIN Midranges

Electro Magnetic Induction Tweeter

EMIT tweeters are really fantastic sounding tweeters. They are a thin piece of plastic material with an etched voice coil on the surface of them suspended between 2 very powerful Samarium Cobalt magnets.
This design is the key to the EMIT tweeters super fast, crystal clear high end. Cymbals have a crispness on these speakers that you will hear on no other speakers.

Because of this design the EMIT's can be fragile. Many people have blown them and have to replace the diagphrams. The most common way to blow the EMIT's is by not having enough amplifier power. The acoustic suspension Infinity's all require a large amount of power to drive them correctly.
Using a 25 watt receiver is a recipe for disaster. The EMIT tweeters blow when a low power amplifier is driven into distortion trying to get them to sound loud.
This amplifier clipping distortion heats up the diaphragms and eventually melts the voice coil. Once that happens, the EMITS are considered blown.

It is actually safer to run older Infinity's with at least 100 RMS watts per channel or more. This allows you to turn the speakers up loud and avoid clipping the signal, thereby actually protecting the tweeters. Most Infinity's should be run by at least a 50 watt amp, and the Qa's and above work best with 100 watts per channel. Some of the larger bookshelf models run best at 200 watts per channel or more.

Repairing EMIT Tweeters

EMIT tweeters can be repaired.  Tom Howe from Technological Fossils writes;
If the Infinity diaphragms are open ( i.e.: the aluminum conductor path has a small break) you can repair them by getting a bottle of "Loctite" brand rear window defroster repair paint. This is some sort of copper loaded lacquer compound. Once dry the DC resistance is very low. You should buy some VERY fine camel or sable hair artist brushes from a hobby or art shop to apply this paint. I have repaired a fair number of EMITs this way as well as a  JVC ribbon tweeter. I also apply a fine coating of clear epoxy paint over the repaired area after the Loctite paint has dried a day or so. Beats having to buy a new diaphragm costing 35 bucks each as of 1991.

Sounds as though this method will work on EMIN midranges also.

Infinitys Dome midranges could be blown also. 1.2" midrange domes use in the Q5's (and other speakers of the"Q" series) may become inoperative due to damage to the fine lead in wires on either side of the dome. The set I had were apparently overdriven because it looked like it acted as a fusable link, rather than being broken by some foreign object.

Please email me if you have any other useful Infinity tips.

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 EMIT tweeters &
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