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Welcome back my friends to my The Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Tribute Page. ELP is one of the hardest rocking bands in the world that has very little guitar in it.

They debuted at The Isle of Wight Festivile, where Jimi Hendrix was so impressed with their performance of Pictures at an Exhibition, he was considering hooking up with this powerful unit.

That of course would have lead to the name HELP!

Unfortunately Jimi died three weeks later, so we'll never know what was to be.

During the 70's ELP put out many great albums generously laced with rock and classical improvisational pieces. Keith Emerson's lightning fast keyboard playing, mixed with his total command of the ground breaking synthesizers built especially for him by Robert Moog, is nothing less than inspired.

Along with Greg Lake's penchant for writing great rock tunes,as evident from his days in King Crimson,the combination of these great musical forces was,and still is breathtaking.  Carl Palmer is simply one the best drummers in the worId.

I saw them in September of '97 at The Beacon Theater in NYC,and their playing was as strong as ever.
Greg Lakes rock solid bass lines, his beautiful acoustic guitar work, Keith's pyrotechnical keyboard playing, and Carl Palmer's unmatched drumming ability, provided for one of the most musical, and technically performances I have ever seen.
All without a lead guitar player!

ELP played here by me in Holmdel NJ in August 98.

They did some rare tunes such as a "A Time and a Place",and"Bitches Crystal" that you can now hear on thier new album Then and Now, for the first time ever.

Keith says that these songs were almost technically impossible to play live years ago. Now he has the ability through the modern technology of midi keyboards to play his grand piano hooked up in sync with his synthesizer.

The effect is amazing as they played all of Tarkus with Greg Lake playing a blazing lead guitar with a Fender Stratocaster.

Leave it to ELP to do something different and always blow your mind! Carl Palmer rocked out hard and his legendary drum solo still amazes his fans.

There were many young people at the show who I'm sure didn't know their music that well.  They soon became mesmerized by ELP's musicianship and The crowd went nuts at the end, and new fans were won over as I just smiled.  Another generation is hooked!

Emerson Lake and Palmer still rocks out hard, and sound great showing no signs of age. Go check out this great band.

I have the very rare ELP performing Pictures at an Exhibition live video,long version on DVD. If anyone wants a copy Email me at

I recently obtained a great CD of The Greg Lake Band's live performance at the BBC. Gary Moore himself played lead guitar, and the performance is great with the added addition of Gary's searing guitar leads makes you wonder what Jimi would have done with these three fantastic musicians.

But honestly I don't think they did too bad on there own!

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The ELP Picture Gallery One
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Band News

Unfortunately on December 1, 1998 Greg Lake decided to leave the band.
If you would like to read the letters from Greg Lake, and ELP read the recent press releases here
Read Greg Lake's and, ELP press releases concerning the band breakup here

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer has broken up...
read their statements here

A recent letter from Greg Lake


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I have many ELP videos for trade
Please visit my page:
BobbyShred's DVD Trading Page and
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The ELP Picture Gallery
The ELP Picture Gallery One
The ELP Picture Gallery Two

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