Robert Martin (1958-2009)

These pages are dedicated to the memory of Robert Martin (aka Bobbyshred) who recently passed away. Bob dedicated his life to music, and enjoyed sharing his passion with others.

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Hi, I'm BobbyShred and these are my tribute pages for some of my
favorite guitar players & bands.

BobbyShred's Tribute Pages

Some of these are obscure older bands with not much information on the web. 
My objective here with my pages is to have a good link center for these fantastic, but sometimes forgotten bands. 

At the bottom of this page I have linked pages to some of my favorite classic rock bands. I plan to add more band tribute pages, and more band links. 
I will be constantly updating this series of pages so come back and visit often.

Babe Ruth
Be Bop Deluxe
Kate Bush
Crack The Sky
Lake, and Palmer
Gordon Gaines
Gary Moore
Thin Lizzy
Bruce Springsteen
I Love Bruce's music . . . but . . .
Rachel Sweet
Robin Trower

Gordon Gaines
Gordon Gaines was simply an amazing guitar player. 
You may not have heard of him since he was a local NYC musician.
That's a shame since most of the world will never get to hear his brilliant talent.
Gordon was a great guy, and a good friend.
He's passed onto a better place.
I have made this little tribute page for him.

The Gordon Gaines Tribute Page

Gordon Gaines

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I am working hard to resolve this problem.

Babe Ruth
Band DVD
Montreal 1975

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Be Bop Deluxe
Old Grey 
Whistle Test

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Be Bop Deluxe
BBC Sight and Sound

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Jeff Beck
with Steve Lukather,
Jan Hammer & Buddy Miles
Live in Japan 1986

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Kate Bush
Hammersmith Odeon
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Kate Bush
The Single File

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Kate Bush
The Whole Story

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Kate Bush
The Sensual World
The Line, The Cross,
and The Curve

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Please Click Here to see all my rare Kate Bush DVD's
and more Real Video clips of her..

Stanley Clarke
Live at Montreux 

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Dire Straits
Live Alchemy

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The Movie 1976

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David Gilmour
Live  1985

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Grand Funk
Inglewood Forum
Los Angeles 1974

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Jimi Hendrix

Stockholm, Sweden '69
uncut master version
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Tokyo Dream
Live in Japan 1984 
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Greg Howe
Gentle Hearts
Live in Japan 2004
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Lynyrd Skynyrd
Old Grey Whistle Test 1975 
Musikladen 1974
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John McLaughlin 
Jean-Luc Ponty
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Gary Moore
Emerald Aisles 

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Gary Moore
Live Blues

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Live at 
The Rainbow 1975

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Odeon 1975

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Uli Jon Roth
Jack Bruce
Castle Donnington 2001

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Uli Jon Roth
Jack Bruce
John Wetton
Randy Hansen
Sprit of Jimi Hendrix
Koln Germany 1991
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Rachel Sweet
Merv Griffin Show
and various videos
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My Favorite Classic Rock Links


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Lots of information on Classic Rock Bands

They rate the best 50 live albums HERE!

The Ultimate Progressive Rock Resource

 Find out where your favorite band is touring 

Find Any Band with The UBL 

 Rock On TV guide to music on TV


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A Tribute to the Twin Towers of
The World Trade Center
Rebuild the Twin Towers!!

Every American needs to look at these pictures EVERY single day.


I still can't believe it really happened.  Whenever I visit New York
I just stare at the empty space where the buildings once stood.

I will NEVER forget September 11, 2001.
Nor will I EVER forgive those Islamic terrorists
who thrust this evil upon us.

These beautiful buildings, and the good people who died in them, should still be there.

Let's NEVER forget September 11, 2001.
God Bless America - Peace to you all:)


Rebuild the Twin Towers of
The World Trade Center!

There is a new battle over the World Trade Center.

The new Freedom Tower on the site of the 
World Trade Center has begun construction.

It is a disgrace.

After countless redesigns there is still disagreement what should be build on the site of Ground Zero.

The truth is that most Americans simply do not like this design.

It's time that this bad Idea be dropped.

There's a better design which most people prefer than the junkyard that is being constructed now.  It's what many of us have wanted since that terrible morning of 9/1.
It is to rebuild the Twin Towers one story higher than they were.


Rebuild them stronger, better, and one floor higher!

This will RESTORE the New York skyline to it's previous beauty.

It will also show the terrorists that they cannot alter our country for long.

I strongly believe that we MUST rebuild the Twin Towers.

It is the RIGHT thing to do that will  honor the thousands of people killed, and to send a message to the world that we will NOT be defeated.

The Freedom Tower Center design is a mess.

The odd looking trapezoid roof buildings look out of place and will block the view of the tower.

This is not the appropriate structure to fill in the hole in the ground,  the hole in the sky, or the hole in our hearts.

Is this what we want
New York City 
to look like?

The Twin Towers II design is what people really want. 

In polls taken in New York City and across the country almost 70% of the people asked said they would rather see the towers rebuilt that the current Freedom Tower design.

AOL Poll, May 20, 2005

The new Twin Towers II would incorporate the footprint of the original towers marked by empty facades where the buildings once stood. 

In the center of them there would be the
World Trade Center memorial and museum. 

The new twin towers would be moved west to preserve the sacred ground.

This is a BRILLIANT design which honors the past and and gives hope to the future.

When I visit New York I have an empty feeling in my heart that is as large as the empty space in the sky.
It is a surreal feeling to look at the city and not see the towers.  Everyone still imagines them there. 

You could see the Twin Towers from all over the New York area.  All you had to do was to look up to the sky and see the Twin Towers to know where you were in the NY/NJ area.
We don't want a replacement structure there.  That will prove that the terrorists won by permanently altering our skyline. We want the towers back.

When the new Twin Towers II are rebuilt it will give us the comfort we need.
We're never going forget what happened there.

"Before a commercial tower is erected, a memorial should be chosen. I believe that the memorial should include some of the surviving exterior panels of the collapsed towers."
Ed Koch 

"I am convinced that Ground Zero must first and foremost be a memorial. All other decisions should flow from that goal. A soaring structure should dominate the site. There should be a museum and a library. People should be able to grasp the enormity of this attack by visiting this sacred ground. The memorial should symbolize our survival and our triumph."
Rudy Giuliani

Reasons to Adopt the Plan

  • The WTC site was designed specifically for the Twin Towers. 
  • The skin, core, and flooring could be completed within two years, fully, and truly restoring the skyline. 
  • The Twin Towers were a national monument, just like the White House, the Capitol, the Statue of Liberty and many other unique places in the United States. 
  • In virtually every public opinion poll, either in print or on the Internet, the public has shown support for rebuilding the Twin Towers by a significant majority. 
  • Rebuilding the Twin Towers will heal the psychological wounds of many who were touched by the September 11 attacks. 
  • The Twin Towers will reclaim over 10,000,000 square feet of column-free office space. 
  • The Twin Towers will restore revenues from tourism; in fact revenues would increase. 
  • The site plan offers a substantial, powerful, and appropriate memorial covering 6 acres, 17 when the individual floors of the 9/11 Memorial Museum are counted. The proposed memorial complex not only respects the original Tower footprints, but incorporates them into the memorial in substantive ways. 
  • The shopping complex one level below grade, along with street-level retail, will create many jobs, stimulate the economy, and result in substantial sales-tax revenue.
Rebuild The Twin Towers!
A proper memorial respects the original towers.

Restore the skyline the way it was!

To make this happen Americans must make their voices heard


Click Here to sign the petition to rebuild
the Twin Towers.

Click Here to sign another petition
to rebuild the Twin Towers.

I also suggest you contact N.Y. Governor Elliot Spitzer , and New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg to make your feelings known.

For more information please visit these web sites:
Twin Towers II Memorial Foundation, Inc.

The New Plan: The Twin Towers II

Team Twin Towers

9/11 Families for a Strong & Safe America

Project Rebirth
Chronicling the Rebirth of Ground Zero

Click Here to learn how the WTC memorial has been hijacked by radical extremists

Click Here to read more

Rebuild the Twin Towers of
The World Trade Center!

I support our
BRAVE troops 100%.

Freedom Isn't Free!

Peace happens because the superior firepower of the righteous.

That's US you spineless Liberals!

Al Gore's Global Warming Lies

Worried about Global Warming?
Don't be a FOOL!

You've been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and SWINDLED by 
Al Gore and his leftist buddies in the media.

Al Gore says that NO scientists disagree with him and that the debate is OVER

NOTHING could be FURTHER from the truth!

The TRUTH is Al Gore REFUSES to debate ANY of his critics.

There are now over 20,000 signatures by scientists on petitions against Gore's man made Global Warming assertions.

While he flies gas guzzling private jets to all his events, and uses more than 20 times the electricity than most Americans, he also sells himself useless "Carbon Offsets", through a company he owns!   What a crock of shit!

Al Gore is the ultimate hypocrite!

Instead of investigating with scientific fact, Al Gore has turned Global Warming into a RELIGION that he allows NO ONE to question.

That's NOT science, 
it's environmental religious dogma.

This HOT AIR is what's
causing Global Warming!

Shhh, don't disagree with me!

Believe Me or
Ye shall ALL DIE!

On my new web page I offer evidence of the inaccuracies and contradictions of Global Warming claims and the HYPOCRISY of the wacko crowd of the environmental EXTREMISTS.

Please visit my web page:

Al Gore's Global Warming Lies
The Religion Of Environmentalism

Click Here to see my new page: GLOBAL WARMING IS FOR FOOLS!

The Failed Obama Administration!!!

You Liberals got what you wanted, Barack Obama is our new President.  So it's not to late to start calling his administration what it is.  A COMPLETE failure!!!

It seems that now after the election he warns of things he didn't tell us BEFORE  he got elected.  People, it's time for your reality check to set in.  Here's what he now tells us:

The deficit will be more than $1 trillion a year for several years.
The housing market will continue to decline through at least 2010.
Interest rates and taxes will rise.
Weak corporations have to be allowed to fail such as small businesses which employ 89% of Americans.
Millions of homeowners will lose their homes.
Unemployment will probably rise to 10%.

Nice going people!  You can stop blaming George Bush now.

Barack Obama is a robot!

It's not quite what Obama supporter Peggy Joseph thought would happen:

"I never thought this day would ever happen. I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help Obama, he’s gonna help me.”

Time for your reality check Peggy!!!
Click Here to see Peggy's ignorance!

Click Here to see Peggy's ignorance!

How Did Obama Get Elected?

Was it because the voters were well informed of his policies or the facts?
Here is a video of Obama voters being asked some very basic questions after the election. 
The level of iggnorance shown in this clip is astounding.

97.1% of those questioned are High School Graduates or higher, an astounding 55% of the people are College Graduates!!!

These are the results to 12 simple multiple choice questions.

57.4% could NOT correctly say which party controls congress (50/50 shot just by guessing) 

71.8% could NOT correctly say Joe Biden quit a previous campaign because of plagiarism (25% chance by guessing) 

82.6% could NOT correctly say that Barack Obama won his first election by getting opponents kicked off the ballot (25% chance by guessing) 

88.4% could NOT correctly say that Obama said his policies would likely bankrupt the coal industry and make energy rates skyrocket (25% chance by guessing)

56.1% could NOT correctly say Obama started his political career at the home of two former members of the Weather Underground (25% chance by guessing). 


86.3% were able to identify Sarah Palin as the person on which their party spent $150,000 in clothes. None of which were requested and all of which were returned.

93.8% were able to identify that Sarah Palin has a pregnant teenage daughter.

And 86.9 % thought that Sarah Palin said that she could see Russia from her "house," even though that was Tina Fey  on Saturday Night Live who actually said that!! 

These people didn't know who terrorist bomber and Barack Obaba's friend William Ayers was or which party controls Congress (It's all Bush's fault!) but most of them knew Sarah Palin was evil because she has a pregnant daughter. I guess being friends with someone who bombed The Pentagon, The Capital, and New York Police Headquarters is OK but having a pregnant teenage daughter is a REALLY bad thing!!!

Considering the fact that Obama only won the election by about 2% it just goes to show you how many voters in this country are complete dunderheads!

Please visit

You'll learn more about how the mainstream media and our educational system failed to inform the American voters in 2008.  Shamefull.  Watch FOX News to get the REAL news!

If MY Dreams Came True!
Sanity would prevail!
January 21, 2009

Click Here to see the Real Video File!
(Please give it a minute to load)

Click Here To See The Future!
The Way Things Ought to Be!

What the heck happened to 
Bruce Springsteen?

Bruce, why are you bashing America and blaming George Bush for everything bad that happens here?

CLICK HERE to read my op ed on why I think my former hero, Bruce Springsteen, has lost his mind!

Bruce Springsteen's Political Lies of 2007

Click Here to here Bruce Springsteen bash America today.

Here are the comments I made about Bruce's thoughts from a few years ago after he posted a ranting, psychotic,  factually inaccurate, Al Gore speech on his website.

Bruce doesn't seem to know the facts.

Bruce Springsteen's Political Lies of 2004

Click Here to hear Bruce Springsteen bash America in 2004.


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