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Hi Folks, this is my CD Trading Page. Some of these are concerts, but most of them are out of print, or hard to find CD's.  I am always open to a trade so please send me your list.

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I will trade 3 CD's for one of my rare DVD's also.

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I have listed here just a sampling of SOME of the more rare CD's I have.

If you don't see something you like here please CLICK HERE to see my 2000 disc list.

Audio quality rating system listed at the end of each disc
If there is no rating it is an A
A=Excellent (True CD Quality ) B=Good to Fair C=Poor but still listenable
All Pro sound unless noted audience

  • The Beatles - Alternate Revolver A
  • The Beatles - Let it Be Rehersals & Rooftop Concert A-
  • The Beatles - Long Lost Album A
  • Jeff Beck & Carlos Santana - Live In Japan 1986 2 CDR's A-
  • Jeff Beck Group - Live at the BBC London 1973 A-
  • Jeff Beck - Hammersmith Odeon London 3/10/81 (audience) C
  • Jeff Beck - Fox Theater, Detroit 1999 2CDR's audience B
  • Jeff Beck - Going Down Live in Japan 1980 2 CDR's A
  • Jeff Beck - Reel to Real Live in Boston 1975 audience A
  • Jeff Beck - Boston Music Hall 1975 audience B
  • Jeff Beck - Spectrum Philadelpia 1976 audience A
  • Beck, Bogart, and, Appice - Live in Japan 1973 2 CDR's A
  • Beck, Bogart, and, Appice - Unreleased second album B
  • Beck, Bogart, and, Appice - Rainbow 1974 B
  • Beck, Bogart, and, Appice - Live In Europe 1972 B
  • Body Count - Body Count original with "Cop Killer" A

  • Boston - Past Invitation Radio Broadcast 1977 Long Beach Arena, CA (audience) B-

  • Eric Clapton - Journeyman in Uruguay Oct 1990 Centenario Stadium, Montevideo, Uruguay (audience) B-

  • Chicago - Beacon Theater NYC April 1975 A
  • Rick Derringer - Live in Clevland 1976 B+

  • Dire Straits - Majestic Theater 1985 (audience) B-

  • Emerson, Lake, and Palmer - Waterloo NJ 7/31/92 48min A
  • Emerson, Lake, and Palmer - Universal Ampitheatre LA 8/30/98 74min A-
  • Emerson, Lake, and Palmer - Live In Poland 97 min A
  • Peter Frampton - Virginia Beach Instant Live Soundboard June 27, 2004

  • Robben Ford - Live San Francisco radio 1997 A-

  • David Gilmour - In Floyd We Trust Bethlehem PA 1984B+

  • Golden Earing - The Switch A

  • George Harrison - Live In Japan w/ Eric Clapton 2 CDR's A
  • George Harrison - Living In The Alternate World (outakes) B+
  • George Harrison - Pirate Songs A-

  • Bruce Hornsby - King Biscuit Flower Hour - The Way It Is Tour 2/2/87 The Ritz, NY, NY A

  • Billy Joel - After The Flood 2 CDR's (audience) B-

  • Living Colour - The Ritz NYC A 2 CDR's

  • Yngwie Malmstien - Instrumentals A
  • Freddie Mercury - Barcelona A

  • Steve Miller - Beacon Theater April 1975 A
  • Steve Morse - Live In Germany 1990 A
  • Nazereth - Live at the Beeb 2CD A
  • New England - New England A

  • Queen - Live in London 1974 A
  • Brian May & Eddie Van Halen - Starfleet Project A

  • David Sancious & Tone - Transformation ( The Speed of Love )
  • Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Brian May, Nuno Bettencourt,  Live in Seville 90's 2CD audience A

  • Bruce Springsteen - Piece De Resistance - Capital Theater NJ A 3 CDR's
  • Bruce Springsteen - Live B Sides 1975 - 1993 Various Studio A
  • Bruce Springsteen - Murder Incorporated 1982 - April 1984 Outakes/Demos A

  • Howard Stern's musical guests - Joe Walsh, Jack Bruce ,Leslie West, Big Country, Procol Harum, Enuff 'Z Nuff, White Lion B
  • Howard Stern - Crucified By The FCC 2 CDR's A
  • Dr. L. Subramanium - Garland/ Blossom   A
  • Triumvirat - Sparticus A

  • U2 - The Joshua Tree on Fire 2 CDR's B-
  • UK - Concert Classics Volume 4 (Original 4 members) A
  • UK - Penns Landing Philadelphia PA 1978 A
  • UK - Live at The El Mocambo, Toronto 1978 B+
  • Uriah Heep Live 1983 A

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan - Unpluged and Jammin' studio outakes B
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan - Touch The Sky studio outakes B
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan & Buddy Guy - Chicago 1989 A

  • Joe Walsh - King Biscuit 1976 only 23 min A
  • Joe Walsh - King Biscuit 1981 A
  • Joe Walsh - King Biscuit 1991 A
    Yes - Live in Canada 1979 audience A

    This is only a PARTIAL LIST of my CD's. 
    Please CLICK HERE to see my entire list of over 2000 CD's.

My Wish List

 I'm always being asked what my wish list is. 
It is tough to say because I have most everything I want.
anything means I'm looking for any CD by that artist.

Be that as it may, I am still looking for these CD's.

  • Carlos Santana & Masayoshi Takanaka's "Super Live Session" album 1982
  • Heart - Live radio Broadcasts
  • Stone The Crows - Stone the Crows, Ontinuous Performance, Teenage Licks 

  • BBC Sessions 1& 2
  • Femme Fatale - Femme Fatale
  • Lake - Lake 2, Ouch, Greatest Hits
  • Starcastle - Shine on Brightly, Real to Reel, Chronos, Vol. 1
  • Flash - 1st Album / Out of Our Hands, In the Can, Live in the USA, anything
  • IQ - The Seventh House, Dark Matter, Subterranea, anything.
  • Arena - Contagion, Pepper's Ghost, Immortal?, anything
  • Eddie Jobson - Theme of Secrets,  Zink (Green Album) 
  • Pat Benetar - Get Nervous, Precious Time, Tropico
  • Todd Rundgren -  RA, Deface the Music 
  • Utopia - anything
  • Climax Blues Band - Flying the Flag, Real to Real, Lucky for Some, Sample and Hold
  • David Sancious - Just As I Thought, True Stories 
  • Jerry Cantrell - Degradation Trip 
  • Lindsey Buckingham - Go Insane, Law and Order
  • Doyle Bramhall II - Jellycream, Doyle Bramhall II
  • Enuff Z'Nuff - Strength 
  • Rick Derringer - Live, Live in Boston, Face to Face / If I Weren't So Romantic I'd Shoot 
  • Les Dudek - Les Dudek 
  • Mick Taylor - anything
  • Carla Olson - anything
  • The Association - Just The Right Sound & Live
  • Lovemongers - Whirlygig,  Battle of Evermore 
  • Nancy Wilson - Live At McCabes' Guitar Shop
  • Heart - Heart 1 - Remastered
  • Argent - Nexus, Circus, Ring of Hands, The Complete BBC Sessions [LIVE] 
  • Wishbone Ash - Front Page News, New England, Time Was: the Live Anthology
  • Hot Tuna - America's Choice remastered
  • Van Morrison - anything I don't have
  • Kimberley Dahme - Bass player from Boston
  • Barry Goudreau - Guitarist from Boston
  • RTZ - former Boston members
  • L. Subramaniam - Spanish Wave 
  • L. Subramaniam - anything
  • Stephanne Grappelli and David Grisman Live
  • Tim Weisberg - anything
  • Pantera - Power Metal
  • Pantera - I Am The Night
  • Pantera - Projects in The Jungle
  • Pantera - Metal Magic
  • The Soundtrack of Our Lives - anything



    If you have something on my wish list I suggest naming it in the subject of your email to catch my eye.

    If you have any of these CD's for trade please email me.

I will trade 3 CD's for one of my rare DVD's also.

If you would like to trade for DVD's please visit my
Concert Video Trading Page:
BobbyShred's Concert DVD and VHS
Video Trading Page

CLICK HERE to see my entire CD list.

If you want something, or care to offer me something,
please feel free to email me and we will work something out.
Email me at

If you would like to trade music videos please visit my
Concert Video Trading Page:
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